Top 10 Services Offered By Digital Marketing Companies In Kerala

Digital Marketing

Services of Digital marketing companies in Kerala  is considered to be are an important element for any business model, and should always be part of your overall marketing strategy.  While it is possible to undertake online marketing yourself, unless you have a thorough understanding the concepts, you may not use it to its best effect. Hiring an outside company to take care of your online marketing will leave you to focus on growing your business, but if you’re unsure about how an outside company could help your business, here’s 10 top services offered by great digital marketing companies.

SEO services

A key element of digital marketing, search engine optimization services or SEO, should include keyword research, link building and copywriting. To maximise the potential of SEO, it’s important to use a digital marketing company that offer a complete site audit before they even begin to create their strategy.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

PPC is a model of internet/digital marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Put simply, it’s a method of buying visits to your website. Professional advice will help you to develop a coherent strategy to bring you a good return on your investment.

Google Ads

Which leads us onto Google Ads. Probably the most popular PPC advertising system in the world, it enables users to create ads which will appear on Google’s search engines, and can prove to be a really effective way to promote your website.

Website Design and Programming

As your website is the digital face of your company, you need the most appropriate design for your business, which will operate on multiple viewing platforms, including mobile. The best online marketing experts will help you to redesign your website to ensure that it’s fully optimized.

Content Marketing

Having high-quality, relevant and consistent content plays a key part in attracting and retaining your audience, and ultimately driving profitable customer interaction. Therefore, you should choose a digital marketing company who not only knows which content you need on your site, but will take the time to understand the nature and ethos of your business.

Social Media Marketing

Together with your website, your social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, make up the vast majority of your online brand. Having a social media strategy is very important, as it shows the nature of your brand and how you interact with your customers. Good online marketing companies will help you to set up and manage this interaction, and provide advice on strategies to adopt.

Conversion Marketing

Good online marketing companies can help you to come up with effective strategies to convert the people who browse your site into paying customers. This is known as conversion marketing, and is measured by the percentage of visitors who take up your offers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is sometimes seen as the poor relation to social media, however you shouldn’t underestimate the power of this marketing strategy. There are almost three times as many email user accounts than Facebook and Twitter combined, plus email marketing offers a more personal and more businesslike marketing approach.

Mobile Marketing (optimizing a website for mobile)

As more and more people rely on their mobiles and tablets for shopping and other kinds of business, it makes sense to ensure that your website is fully functional on all devices.

Help and support

Not a marketing strategy as such, but knowing that you have access to help and support whenever you need it, is vital for ensuring that you keep your online presence relevant and up-to-date.


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5 Simple Steps To Create Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns



Are you experiencing a creative drought? Or are you bursting with creative ideas for your digital marketing campaigns, but stumped about ways to validate these ideas? Here are five  simple ways you can come up with more creative digital marketing campaigns to achieve your business goals today, no matter where you are in the campaign planning process.

1. Spend More Time On Listening

Listening to your friends comes naturally. You want to hear what they have to say, and it’s easy: They’re sitting across the table from you at brunch, or you’re texting up a storm, back and forth. Because you are involved in this seamless exchange of information, and listening intently, you know as much about many of your friends as you do about yourself. The same is not true of your relationship with your social audience.

With our social audiences, we tend to push out information (owned content) and measure the effect of that content. Sometimes we forget to begin by listening to our audiences and building content around what they actually care about. We end up pushing out content that just isn’t quite right. It’s like your friend telling you about a Golden Retriever puppy she wants to adopt and asking for your advice, and you responding by listing out your favorite qualities of Labradoodles—tangentially related, but not quite right. We marketers fall into this trap an awful lot. Here’s how you can begin to shift your thinking.

2. Build Your Empathy

Building empathy happens when you pay attention and listen deeply. This tends to come naturally in friendships: If your friend is hurting, you’re hurting. You wouldn’t scroll through your Instagram feed while your friend shared the painful news of his divorce, would you? The same concept can be applied to your relationship with your customers and/or social audience. Don’t busy yourself so much with your owned content (what your brand has to say) that you miss out on what your audience is saying and feeling on social, forums, and blogs.

Volume and sentiment from Simply Measured Listening

Volume and sentiment from Simply Measured Listening

By building a solid foundation of empathy for your audience’s wants and needs—and how those wants and needs evolve throughout the customer journey—you’re also building better content, responses, and, ultimately, sentiment around your brand.

Volume spikes and alerts from Simply Measured Listening3.Know the History OF YOUR WORKS

One reason you’re able to understand your closest friends so easily is that you have a shared history. You’ve heard the story about Johnny chipping his tooth on a parmesan rind back in college a million times. You were there when Linda got to party with Snoop Dogg on her bachelorette trip. The same level of historical knowledge is important when it comes to your customers.

When has your brand experienced the greatest spikes in reach, engagement, and volume? Which tactics and channels have historically worked for you (or your competition), and which have been misses? This is another common mistake for marketers: We commit to a campaign, regard it as a success or failure, and then move on too quickly to learn and document valuable lessons that can help us do better in the future. Don’t fall into this trap! Continue adding to your (separate) lists of customer knowledge and self-knowledge regularly as time passes and the data keeps rolling in.

5.Share a Common Language

You and your best friend have an endless assortment of inside jokes and maybe even made-up words and phrases that only you two understand. It’s kind of annoying, TBH. But shared experience means shared language. The same is true for listening to your customers on social.

Word cloud from Simply Measured Listening

Word cloud from Simply Measured Listening

If you understand the slang and solutions that your audience throws at one another without you hovering in the room, you’ll eventually be able to learn their language and use it to better reach them.

Top emojis used in relation to a brand from Simply Measured Listening
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