Month: June 2016

Best keywords to promote your SEO strategy for websites

Keywords are essential to every aspect of your SEO campaign, from on-site optimization and usage to link prospecting and acquisition. Knowing which terms to target and how to target keyword to produce great result.

  1. Think from client side view and chose keywords

keywords are terms and phrases your target audience uses when talking about your business or industry. These phrases are usually very broad and generic, so they are often much harder to rank for than others; nonetheless, they are still extremely important.

keywords-seoThese terms are critical in your on-page optimization. Following SEO best practices, add these terms throughout your site pages. keywords are also helpful in jump-starting your content creation. Framing these keywords inside broader questions can help you develop some great content for your site or blog.

When it comes to link acquisition, use these terms to prospect for link- or community-building opportunities. I know manual link building is not the most glamorous thing these days, but it works better than any other method. These terms may uncover some other great sites within your field that you can partner with.


Customer-defining keywords are the terms and phrases your customers use to define themselves. What do your customers call themselves?  How do they refer to others in their group?  These two questions will guide you to uncovering these powerful keywords.

This type of keyword is important because it will help you discover others who relate to your target audience. Some may be directly related to your customer base, and others may be in a similar niche. Either way, by using these terms, you can uncover some great insight into how your audience speaks and how you can frame your site in a way that entices them to interact.

SEO is much more than just search; it’s about creating a connection. Customer-defining keywords will help connect you with those who want or need your product or service. By understanding how your audience defines themselves, you can create better content, build more contextually appropriate links and build better, more authentic connections online.

Use Google Keyword Planner , Use google trends for what people are mostly used for find the result

Use Long tail keywords those three and four keyword phrases which are very specific to whatever you are selling. You see, whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy.

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Two months earlier Google began testing a new color in google’s ad tag instead of yellow shade and finally “GOOGLE’S ADWORDS AD TAG GOES GREEN”. Google is moving forward with green ad tag to all countries on all devices.


gooogle ads


During the time when google was testing green color in its ad tag it was in a research of finding a color for organic links. Users reported that during the month of May they have seen black links in google’s result page instead of blue.

Google is always testing for a new look and feel to make the result page user attractive. Another test that is currently going on is a new minimalist look for search results that users have reported seeing from time to time.


green tag

Why For A Change?

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