7 Top Sites To Increase Traffic To Websites

Why everybody keen on SEO and social media marketing?

Everyone wants traffic to their websites, and both seo and social media marketing sources are huge.YouTube, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the top 20 traffic sites in the world.Though you’re a fashion designer, SaaS marketer, or good travel blogger, you can find your targeted audience through one or both of these sources.Or if you sell physical products, you likely sell them on the e-commerce store such as flip kart, amazon and eBay—same concept really as you can sell virtually anything on them due to their size.There’s nothing wrong with getting traffic from these popular sites.But marketers don’t realize that digital marketing , SEO are just the surface of web traffic.Every marketers tries to get traffic from, which leads to stiff competition.


There are many other sites from which you can get traffic to your site that the majority of marketers never even take a look at them unless one of them explores.

For example Take Reddit.

We can see more and more articles about marketing on Reddit as the site becomes more popular and marketers see others succeeding on it.You can see seven specific examples of sites with tons of traffic that you can potentially drive to your own site.Have anyone u took the advantage of these 7 top sites for traffic? If no, then its time to hit it.

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IMDb is the movie site.It has instant levels of traffic, all based on movies and TV.The first step in deciding whether a site could be good to market on is to determine whether your audience uses it.Since we’re not looking at the biggest sites (search engines and social media), only certain audiences will be found on each site.If your audience isn’t on IMDb, I promise that they are on some other large sites.Since IMDb has a very specific focus, it’s really only good if you sell products related to movies and TV.But if you do, it could be an opportunity.Because you won’t be able to drive traffic from every site that your target audience uses back to yours.You have to look for a way to drive that traffic back.In this case, there is one chance, and it comes from the active forum community on 1MDb