Month: December 2016

4 Tips For Choosing The Perfectly Sounded Branding Agency




Branding is both a big topic and an inexact theory. There is no wonder that there are so many choices when it comes to choose a creative team to help you share your story with the world.

From part-time web and graphic designers to experienced branding gurus, there is a lot to consider when selecting a branding agency.

So, how do you reach through your options and find the group that’s right for you? Here are a few tips that will really help you to get started…

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How Digital Marketing helped in Donald Trump’s win.



During early morning hours of November 9th, Democratic voters across America were left scratching their heads. Every major poll pointed to Hillary Clinton winning the election. But see what happened?

Blogs, news sites, and pundits all talking on Trump’s surprise victory. But regardless of the emotions and politics surrounding the election, Donald Trump won because of one reason and that’s Digital Marketing.

More specifically, rather than trying to appeal broadly to the whole nation, the Trump campaign made good use of data and digital marketing to target a highly personal message to a very specific audience. And that audience was exactly whom they needed to win over.

In a recent NPR interview, Brad Parscale, Digital Director for the Trump campaign, explained how it worked:

We never fought for the popular vote. There was no economic reason, and there was no reason based off the system of our constitution to do so. We needed to win 270 [electoral votes], and to do so we needed to win in certain states, and we needed to target registered voters that had a low propensity to vote and a propensity to vote for Donald Trump if they come.

This was actually a very progressive campaign strategy and could very well set a precedent for the future. So let’s break it down and talk about how this very same strategy can help your business in 2017.

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