Month: February 2017

7 Top Techniques to improve your traffic

Techniques to Improve Traffic

HJ1)  Get Ready to Create Your Own Domain and Hosting Is A Must

Right off the bat, most people don’t realize that free website setups won’t do a thing for your SEO.  Essentially, Google looks at your free website and says ‘if you were really serious about this you’d purchase your own place’.  Google wants to recommend sites it deems trustworthy, and so to hit the SEO ground running, the best thing for new bloggers and content marketers to do is to just jump right into the deep end of the pool obtain their own hosting at the very start.

2)  Create Original Content

The key thing to remember with SEO is that Google’s entire focus is on offering its user’s search results that are helpful and relevant.  This is Google’s singular purpose, and so you want to embrace that knowledge into your content creation.  People are seeking to have their problems solved, and if you demonstrate that you’re the one solving those problems then there’s a good chance you’re content will be shared and Google will reward you by moving your site up to its rankings. You can create it on your own

And remember this, content can take a number of forms.  If you haven’t yet you should start considering adding:

  • Videos – Create videos or helpful tutorials and post them onto YouTube.  This is a great way to build links and draw traffic from the wildly popular video sharing site.
  • Photography – A picture tells a thousand words, and posting original photos or images on your site is an easy way to provide fresh, attractive content.
  • Tools and Plugins – Google is a huge fan of helpful tools and plugins and if you develop and install a useful plug-in into your site you’ll find yourself sitting pretty in Google’s rankings.

Whether you choose one of these forms of content or all of them, the whole point is to help your site’s visitors out.  Build a solid relationship with them and they’ll be sharing your content left and right, causing your rankings to rise fast and far.

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There are certain elements of SEO that are largely doable by just about anyone, especially in those early growth phases.

But when do you reach that point of too many hats?

When are you expecting a little too much from your web designer?

When is it time to talk to an SEO agency?

Consider some of the following circumstances.

1. Too Big to Do Yourself 

The most common motivation for seeking out a quality SEO firm is that the company has reached that sweet spot between being able to handle all your online marketing yourself (or with a single marketing) and being able to hire an entire in-house team.

In other words, you’ve reached that point where there is too much to do, but not quite at that point where you can afford a full-time, experienced SEO manager and the other necessary members of an online marketing team (writers, paid search experts, SEO specialists, etc.).Depositphotos_55497461_original (1).jpg

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