Month: May 2017

7 top cases to increase your Twitter engagement

1. Insert Links Into Your Tweets  

Who says social media marketing is not an effective strategy?

On average, tweets with links generate about 86% more re-tweets. This is because link insertions elevate reader interaction.

When 36% of tweets are made with links, it is worth considering as a viable strategy.


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In order to set your business on an uptrend, customers should know about your product. Links increase engagement metrics of your page and in return, drive clientele to your product.

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Top google ranking factors a SEO beginner should know about

Google uses about various factors to rank a site.It doesn’t matter how accurate this number is. The sheer magnitude of it is still intimidating. Especially for someone only starting to rank their site.But here is the catch. Not all those factors are equally important. Some are indeed a must haves but others might not make much of a difference in your market. Many you don’t even have much direct influence on.If you just launched your site and try to find out what aspects of SEO you should focus on first, here’s a treat for you. A list of the most important Google ranking factors a beginner should know.


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